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Openbravo ERP is an integrated web-based open source enterprise resource planning and management solution for small and midsize enterprises. Openbravo enterprise resource planning solution allows organizations to manage procurement, warehouse, projects, manufacturing, sales, and financials. Its solution is used in the distribution, services, and manufacturing industries.

Openbravo ERP includes a broad functional footprint that provides a firm foundation for business agility. It is based on a single, integrated database model covering all key application areas of a complete business management system, including seamless integration to Point of Sale (POS).

Openbravo ERP is built using open standards, around a unique combination of well-proven MVC and MDD development frameworks, executed by Openbravo's WAD engine.

Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-accounting schema, multi-organization ERP, prepared to be deployed in multi-national and multi-client environments.

Openbravo ERP empowers customers to get 40% ROI;

  • Streamline business processes
  • Gain full visibility; anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Work with a solution fully-adapted to your needs


Openbravo comprehensive business functionality is implemented on top of the robust Openbravo ERP Platform, which provides an equally strong set of cross-application functionality. The core functionality provided by the platform ensures a consistent and productive end user experience, while also meeting key IT needs in the areas of security and integration;

  • Web-based: Openbravo ERP has been designed from the ground up to be web-based, enabling universal, secure access and simplicity through any browser.
  • Fully Functional: Openbravo ERP includes all the functionality you would expect from an extended ERP solution, as well as basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence). It can also be seamlessly integrated with Openbravo point-of-sale.
  • Truly Integrated, Truly an ERP: Openbravo ERP has been designed as a single ERP application: all functionalities share a common architecture, philosophy, rules and user interface, and all are seamlessly integrated.
  • Adapted to your Needs: Once requirements and business processes have been identified, OpenBravo ERP can be adapted to any company's needs and be fully operational in just a few weeks.
  • Revolutionary Architecture: Openbravo ERP is based on a revolutionary architecture that results in a better way to build software applications more scalable, more flexible and easier to extend and maintain.
  • Modular: Openbravo ERP now provides support for third party modules and industry verticals. This approach provides access to a greater number of functionalities, while greatly reducing implementation and maintenance costs.

Master Data

The correct management of the master data of your company (products, customers, vendors, etc.) is a fundamental aspect for guaranteeing the coherence and tracking of guaranteeing processes. Maintaining exclusive coding, avoiding duplications, and sharing the relevant information among all areas of your company is one of the challenges faced today by all types and sizes of organizations. Openbravo ERP helps you to organize and centralize the key data of your company, facilitating the rapid and easy flow of company, information among all areas implicated in different company processes.


Openbravo ERP's handling of the flow of supply guarantees the integrity, tracking, and homogeneity of the entire process. Each document in the supply process is based on the information contained in the previous document, so that repetitive introduction of data and human errors are avoided. In this way, it is possible to navigate through different documents that conform to a determined flow (order, goods receipt, invoice, payment) and know in real time the state of any given order (pending, delivered, partially delivered, invoiced, etc). The natural integration of this process with accounting guarantees that the finance department always has up to date and reliable data at its disposal.


The warehouse management processes built into Openbravo ERP allows the inventory in your organization to always be up to date and correctly valued. The possibility of defining the warehouse structure of your organization to unit level (storage bins) facilitates the exact localization of your stock at any time. Additionally, the capacity for managing product lots and the possibility of using serial numbers assure compliance with the tracking requirements imposed by the majority of industries.

Project & Services

This functionality is orientated towards companies whose activities are based on the delivery of projects and services. With relationship to projects, Openbravo ERP allows for the management of budgets, phases, tasks, expenses and purchases related with each individual project. These projects may be related to monitoring construction projects or even sending out and sales and purchase related requests. The service component permits companies to define services and resources and control all activities. These activities may or may not be billable, for internal or external customers, and be monitored for incurred expenses at a detailed level.


The production functions and plant management in Openbravo ERP allow a complete shaping of the productive structure of each organization (sections, cost centers and work centers) as well as the relevant data for production: production plans (operation sequences), and products used to make one another. Currently, the functionality provided by Openbravo ERP is orientated towards covering the usual necessities of a discrete production environment: production planning and requests related to procurement using MRP, creation of manufacturing orders, job reports (notification of times and consumption), calculating costs of production, notification of job incidents and maintenance reports.

Sales and CRM

The functionality of Openbravo ERP in the Sales Management module is expressly designed with the objective of allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability in its execution, needed in any commercial process. It is possible to link documents (orders, shipments, invoices) in any order that the company requires or even disregard any one of these that is not necessary. All this is achieved without sacrificing the coherence and integrity of information and guaranteeing the tracking of processes. The capacities of integration with order capture systems by PDAs extend the potential of the solution beyond the physical limits of the particular company.

For multi-store retailers, the system can be seamlessly integrated with Openbravo POS.


The financial management and accounting functionalities provided by Openbravo ERP are designed to minimize manual data input on behalf of the user, thereby freeing them from tedious, routine tasks and allowing greater focus on other, more value added tasks. This increase in productivity is due to the financial department acting as collector of all the relevant actions generated from the other management departments. This occurs in such a way that these have an automatic reflection in the general accounting, in the accounts receivable and accounts payable as soon as they are produced.

Business Intelligence

Nowadays, business organizations handle a great deal of data in the practice of their business activities. This does not necessarily mean that they have available to them the necessary information for the management of their enterprise. The Business Intelligence component of Openbravo ERP, integrated into the management system, will help you to monitor of the state of your company, providing you with the relevant information for decision-making. The predefined balanced scorecard will allow you to verify, through the monitoring of a series of key indicators, if the defined strategy is being correctly implemented in your organization.


Openbravo ERP is built using open standards, around a unique combination of well-proven MVC and MDD development frameworks, executed by Openbravo's WAD engine.

MVC is a proven web applications development framework, which helps to decouple the database, user interface elements, and business logic. The separation of these elements into different files results in a more structured code, facilitating development and maintenance.

MDD (Model Driven Development)

MDD is a software design approach that relies on metadata stored in a dictionary to model the behavior of the application. This results in a drastic reduction in manual coding and fewer bugs, allowing business experts with little coding experience to configure the application to suit the needs of each enterprise.

Built on standard technologies

Openbravo ERP uses modern but proven technologies to meet the strict performance and scalability requirements of enterprise grade environments:


  • Java and Javascript
  • SQL and PL/SQL
  • XML


WAD (Wizard for Application Development)

The engine, built by Openbravo, automatically generates the application binaries from the MDD dictionary. The files generated by WAD are compliant with the MVC standard.

Application MDD Dictionary

Stores the metadata which describes each element of the application and its behavior.

MVC Foundation Framework

A set of sturdy programming utilities, either selected from the best open source candidates available or built by Openbravo when no candidates are available. These utilities facilitate web-based MVC application development.

Operating Environment

Composed of well-known third party applications such as Apache http Server and Tomcat, and a PostgreSQL™ or Oracle® database, that can be installed in a multitude of Operating Systems, including GNU/Linux or Microsoft® Windows®.

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