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Research & Development

An efficient, scalable and secure IT environment requires considerable investment in planning, optimizing and adapting the existing solutions for the concrete needs. SofDigital Systems supports the concept of know-how as service in aspects research and development. We aim at reducing your investments in IT planning by saving you time and at the same time providing you with a optimized for yor needs environment.

SofDigital Systems is involved in the development of innovative and complex services and software through sophisticated research initiatives with unique expertise and collaboration with our R&D partners. We can arrange for R&D work to be carried out in high-caliber scientific and research institutions throughout the world, under managed framework and supervision.

SofDigital Systems is working on Hi-Tech solutions based on research of University of Maryland and King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals in the fields of Wireless Sensors Network, Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing, Palm Vein Pattern Recognition Technology, Next Generation Multi-touch Gesture Recognition Technologies and High Level Human Computer Interaction and etc. SofDigital Systems is well suited to serve customers interested in implementing specific scientific and hi-tech research projects and technologies.


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