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About us

Power of dedication has transformed AlHokail SofDigital Systems from a modest software enterprise into a prominent IT solution provider, offering all its customers value-added services germane to Software Development, Web Development, Provisioning of Networking and Database Services, IT Consultancies, Security Systems Development , Corporate Training, Service Level Agreements, IT Infrastructure and pertinent fields. It is a functional ancillary to the renowned AlHokail Investment Group in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has recently penetrated in the indigenous market subsequent to accomplishment of a couple of fecund projects primarily in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide besides .


Our Mission

Our mission is to efficaciously employ human and technical resources to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Industry boundaries are obscuring at an implausible rate. The changes in the technology and the economy are eliciting a fresh set of beliefs and practices on part of business firms. In coherence with the contemporary changes in the technology and industry precincts, Alhokail Sofdigital Systems has a present-day focus on


  • Organizing itself by customer segments rather than by product units.
  • Customer lifetime value rather than focusing on profitable one-time transactions.
  • Building its brand through performance more willingly than through marketing merely.
  • Retention of existing clients while acquiring new ones rather than only on new customer acquisition.
  • Under promising and over delivering rather than overpromising and under delivering.



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